Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Picha tu tena

B/w or color? can't decide

I'm shooting production stills for the Hot Sun movie, more to come

last but not least, a preview from a new sub-series I'm working on

My week is full of lots of little things, plus I'm sick, so I don't feel like writing too much. I'll give a full update soon. A couple of quick things: CFK fell through, because they are incredibly annoying to work with, so I'm meeting with another organization using Ushahidi called the Peace Caravan, more to come.

Kibera is very dusty, and the rainy season has officially arrived. Its rained 8 out of the last 11 days, so now Kibera is very muddy. Need some wellies.

I got robbed last weekend-I was walking home at night, and very close to my house had a missed call, so I called them back. Someone snuck up behind me and grabbed my phone and ran off. No physical harm or intimidation, so all is aok here.

Tutaonane baadaye.


Matthew said...

Awesome photographs. Sorry to hear about the robbery. I was robbed in Cape Town, but it was slightly more confrontational...

susanshearer said...

I look forward to seeing your behind the scenes photos for Hot Sun.

aj said...

I love your photographs just as much as I love you. Quite the adventure you're having!

Teague said...

photos = AWESOME, especially the one with the woman looking over her shoulder. miss you buddy!